231476-0015039105030Repair, Servo Drive, Brushless, BRU-200
231484-001R5039105027Repair, Power, Supply
232442-0015039105044(Repair), Supply, Power, HC
233279-0015039102000Sensor, Barometer, Pressure
250448-0015039105054Repair, Motor, Spin, P2000View Image
280320-0015039105024Repair, Controller, Whedco P2000 21/22000
280320-0025039105024Repair, Controller, Whedco P25/3500
294106-4025039105007Board, Sensor, Exhaust, 0 to 5View Image
300028-0015039102022Tape, TFE Thread 1/2" Wide
300028-0045039102023Tape, TFE Thread 1/4" Wide
300154-8085039101016SCR, FH SH SS 6-32x0.50
300256-0065039101000SCR, SH, SS, 4-40x 3/8
300256-0125039101017SCR, SH SS 6-32x1/2
300256-0155039101015SCR, SH SS 6-32x7/8
300256-0165039101014SCR, SH SS 6-32x1
300256-0275039101012Scr, SH, SS, 10-24x1/2
300256-0915039101013SCR, SH SS 6-32x1 1/2
300281-0015039101001Tie, Nyl Cable 7/8" Dia
300423-0015039102004Ferrule, Front, SS .250T (Sw)
300531-0015039102027Plug, Hollow PFA 1/8MNPT
300548-0015039102005Ferrule, Back, SS .250T (Sw)
300841-0155039106121Screw, Nylon, Pan Head, 4-40x1/2"
300841-0195039106106Screw, Nylon, Head, Pan, 4-40x1"
300917-0065039102031O-Ring, Kalrez 4079
300917-0085039102018O-Ring, Kalrez 4079View Image
301612-1035039102025Conn, PFA, FTF, 1/4 x 1/8 MNPTView Image
301612-1185039102024Conn, PFA, FTF, 3/4T x 3/4 MNPTView Image
302698-0015039106098GearView Image
302971-0055039102020Elbow, M SS 1/8T x 1/4 MNPT (SW)
302971-012210751001FTG, Connector, 1/4T x 1/8 MNPT, SS
303078-0045039102006Nut, SS 1/4T (SW)
303085-0055039102021Conn, Malebt, SS 1/8T x 1/8 NPT (SW)
303099-0285039102019O-Ring, EPDM 80 Duro, 0.070x1-3/8
303116-0105039102032Tubing, TFE Conv 3/4 ID
303117-0015039102015Cylinder, Air, 9/16 Bore DBL ActingView Image
304992-0015039102033Elbow, PFA, FTF, UN 1/4Tx1/4T PNL
306185-0015039102001Tubing, PFA, HP 450 1/8"ODx0.30"
306185-0085039102028Tubing, PFA, HP 450 3/16"ODx0.30"
306185-0095039102030Tubing, PFA, HP 450 1/4"ODx0.030"
306820-0015039102026Elbow FTG, PFA, QG, 1/4Tx1/8MNPT
307178-001210751051Plug, Hex Socket
307868-0015039106108Screw, Delrin, Head, Pan, 4-40x1/2
307868-0025039106107Screw, Delrin, Head, Pan, 4-40x1
308164-0015039102003Conn, Male, Q-Disc, 10-32 VNFx1/8T
308334-0015039106019Spinner, Enhanced
316652-2125039106154Washer, Flat, Peek
408310-0015039106073Cup, Drain, Motor, Spin
410831-0015039106125Paddle, Wafer
410892-0015039106104Bracket, AI, H, Sensor Mount, Clear AnodizationView Image
410910-0015039106114Tube, ExhaustView Image
411032-0015039106197Flag, Coat ARD Dispense
411039-0015039106138Shield, SP, Back, Half
411460-0015039106038Shield, SP, Half, Front, Hexr
411471-0025039105041Supply, Power, RX90
411984-0015039106084End Effector, Locator, 560C, Finger TipView Image
412148-0016045000018Plate, Bake, P21/2200
412711-0015039106030Tip, VespelView Image
414997-0015039106013Pin, Proximity
414998-0015039101011Spring, Pin, Lift
415581-0015039106102Tray, Drain, SPView Image
416230-0015039106103Tube, Drain, SPView Image
416770-0015039106101Mount, Nozzle, Head, MotorView Image
417078-0025039106180HOUSING, HEXR, 4-TUBE
417078-0055039106169Cap, HEXR, 4-Tube
417079-0025039106181PLATE, HEXR, O-RING, 4-TUBE
417079-0055039106166Plate, Exchanger, Heat, O-ring, 4-Tube
417080-0015039106168Housing, HEXR, 4-Tube
417098-0475039106099Nozzle, BSR/EBR, Chuck, LCM, 2.50
417106-0055039106167Spacer,Exchanger, Heat, 4-Tube
417174-0015039106130Nozzle, DSP, PFA, Heat Exchanger
417174-001 Mod5039106075Nozzle, DSP, Pyrex, Heat Exchanger
417174-0025039106131Nozzle, DSP, PFA, Stream
417174-0035039106132Nozzle, DSP, PFA, Low Viscosity Chemical
417174-003 Mod5039106092Nozzle, DSP, Pyrex, Low Viscosity Chemical
417174-0045039106133Nozzle, DSP, PFA, Anti Relfective Coating
417174-0055039106134Nozzle, DSP, PFA, Develop
418081-0025039106183Housing, HEXR, Lower, 4-Tube
418081-0055039106171Housing, HEXR, Lower, 4-Tube
418082-0025039106184Cap, Heat Exchanger, 4-Tube
418082-0055039106173Cap, Exchanger, Heat, 4-Tube
418083-0025039106182Plate, HE, O-Ring, 4-Tube
418083-0055039106172Plate, HE, O-Ring, 4-Tube
418531-0015039106176Cap, Heat Exchanger, 2.00 Tube
418532-0015039106175Cap, Tube, 2.000 Inch Diameter
418838-0015039106094Pin, Shear, Effector, End, RX-90
419155-0015039106117Weld, Filler, Rinse
420142-0015039106061SP, Washer, POU, Mixing IDView Image
420143-0015039106062SP, Washer, POU, Mixing ODView Image
420144-0015039106063SP, Spacer, POU, Mixing CenterView Image
420145-0015039106064SP, Spacer, POU, Mixing InletView Image
420146-0015039106065SP, Spacer, POU, Mixing OutletView Image
420534-0015039106072Adapter, SP, Spin, MotorView Image
420535-0015039106071Holder, Seal, Motor
421739-0015039106012Cup, Vacuum, Arm, LoadView Image
422425-0015039106177Plate, Nut
422430-0015039106070Cover, Controller, Interlock
422501-0015039106174Elbow, HEXR
422547-0015039106160Outrigger, Resist, Fourth
422578-0015039106178Retainer, EBR Tube, HEXR
423809-0015039106026Bracket, Pressure Sensor
423810-0015039106027Mount, Pressure Sensor
424231-0015039106059LH Vertical Adjustment SP BracketView Image
424232-0015039106058Bracket, SP, Adjustment, Vertical, RHView Image
425172-0015039106057Bracket, SP, Adjustment, Vertical, #4, BottomView Image
425230-0015039106056Mount, SP, Dispense, 4-TubeView Image
427631-0015039106096Tip, Rinse, Exhaust, SS
427810-0015039106052Adjustment, Sensor, Bracket
427811-0015039106051Adjustment. Sensor, Screw
428497-0015039102002Reducer, Bored 1/8T x1/4MT (SW)
428641-0015039106028Tube, SP Drain Acetal
429076-0015039106053Adjustment, Sensor, Mount
436737-0015039106024Nozzle, UHP, SSM, CT, 3/16x0.130IDView Image
436737-0065039106034Nozzle, UHP, SSM, CT, 3/16x0.100IDView Image
436737-0115039106035Nozzle, UHP, SSM, CT, 3/16x0.063IDView Image
441832-0015039106152Bracket, Meter, Flow
441833-0015039106151Guard, Pinch, Altered
441836-0015039106153Support, Top, Exhaust, Chamber
447333-0015039106156Button, Small, Style, New
447333-0025039106157Button, Large, Style, New
905834-0025039106005Chuck, LCM, 200mmView Image
905834-0035039106003Chuck, LCM, 150mmView Image
906253-0015039105038Assembly, Cable, SP, Heater, Exchanger, RTDView Image
907205-0055039106141Chuck, Workcell, Polaris, 4"
907624-0476045000022Assy, Nozzle, Menisc, BSR/EBR, Chuck, 2.50
907937-0015039106082Nozzle, EBR, TopView Image
908579-0035039106067Assy, Joint, Rotary, RX90A and RX90B
909508-0015039106135Assy, Filter, Flange, Exhaust
909660-0015039106137Assy, Manifold, Exhaust Rinse
912457-0015039105008Board, PC, Effector, End
912467-0015039105008Board, PC, Effector, End
912593-0026045000041Head, Dispense, Coater, P2000
914395-0016045000009Kit, Standard. Rdl, Dispense, Manip, #4 
916861-0015039105059Assy, Cable, RTD, 250C, 12"
916861-0025039105061Assy, Cable, RTD, 250C, 5"
916861-0035039106053Assy, Cable, T/C, Bake/Chill, Precision
916861-0045039105060Assy, Cable, RTD, 250C, 16"
917508-0015039105012Assy, Cable, SSR, I/OJ8, STA, 300mmView Image
917515-0015039105009Assy, Cable, Motor, Step, 300mmView Image
917865-0015039106025Assy, Bowl Pressure Sense, SP
918339-0015039106029Chuck, LCM, 300mmView Image
9191 86-1506045000001Support, Wafer, 150mm (PEEK)View Image
9191 86-1506045000003Assy, Support, Wafer, 150mm (PAI)
919186-2006045000000Support, Wafer, 200mmView Image
919956-0015039105010Assy, Cable, Harn, Throt, EXH, UpperView Image
919962-0015039105011Assy, Cable, Harn, Throt, EXH, Lower
920654-1505039105039Assy, Cap, Sensor, 150mm
920654-2005039105055Cap Sensor Assembly, End Effector, 200/300mmView Image
921442-0015039105013Assy, Cable, I/O, Sta, Bake, UHP, 300mmView Image
924078-0015039105015Assy, Cable, Axis, Theta, SSMView Image
924080-0015039105014Assy, Cable, Axis, Theta, Actr, Dsp, SSMView Image
925941-1506045000003Assy, Support, Wafer, 150mm
925941-3006045000002Support, Wafer, 300mmView Image
5039105025Spinner, OrginalView Image
5039106083Horseshoe, Arm, Radial, P1000View Image
5039106015Pin, Proximity, Plate, Heater (-6MM)View Image
5039106023Cup, Vacuum, Arm, Load, LargeView Image
6045000008Assembly, Adjustment, SensorView Image
5039102009O-Ring, Kalrez
5039105026Repair, Power Supply, Switching
5039105029Repair, Supply, Power
5039106004Tube, Standoff, Heater, Ceramic
5039106007Loop, Exhaust
5039106009Assy, Pin, Proximity
5039106012Cup, Vacuum, Arm, Load
5039106013Pin, Proximity, Plate, Heater 
5039106014Pin, Proximity, Plate, Heater (-3MM)
5039106022Cup, Vacuum, Arm, Load, PAI, Small
5039105025Spinner, Orginal
5039105026Repair, Power Supply, Switching
5039105029Repair, Supply, Power
5039106049Refurbishment, Wrist, Robot, RX-90
5039106075Tip, Dispense, Qtz, P2000
5039106076Tip, Dispense, Qtz, P1000
5039106085Gasket, Kapton
5039106086Gasket, Kapton, Modified
5039106087Gasket, Kapton, Modified, Solid
5039106091Nozzle, Resist, 200mm, P2000
5039106092Tip, Dispense, Quartz, Nozzle, P2000
5039106093Stop, Locator, 560C
5039106100Shield, SP, Front, Half, P2000
5039106112Box, Drain, Multi-Port
5039106113Wash, Bowl, 200mm, Special
6045000004Kit, Bowl Pressure Sense, SP
6045000006Motor, Spin, Reliance, Rebuild
6045000013Assy, Cup, Solvent, P2000
6045000020Assy, Cable, Ribbon, POS, 24, Robot
6045000021Assy, Cable, Ribbon, POS, 16, Robot
6045000022Nozzle, Rinse, Side, Back
6045000023Kit, SP, Upgrade, Drain, Wafer
6045000027Assy, Bowl, 200mm, Modified
6045000028Kit, Rebuild, Arm, Radial
6045000042Module, Lower, Coater
6047000001Arm, Load, SS, UV, Tencor
6048500000Assy, Cup, Solvent, Nozzle, DNS