10140310021450040017Arm, Centering, 125mm
1014141012950030002Arm, Load, Lrg, Holes, Vacuum, Omni
1014141082150090001Arm, Load, Omni
1014141128950090001Nut, 3/8-16 Thd., Brass
1014141132910090001Screw, Lead, Elevator, 11"
1048028101990090002Vane, Exhaust, Tub
1060030107950030004Rod, Mounting, Centering
10601503011050030001Head, Limpy, 100 mm
1060180403950020001Pin, Stop, Multi
10602202039950050001Nozzle, Tip, Dispense, 1/8"
1066010155950050020Plate, Super Bowl Base, MTI
1066015225950043065Plate, Detent
1066030001950043044Stop, Chuck, Extend, 1" Lg 1/2-13 THD
10660302011450040029Bracket, Shield, Splash
10660302071750100013Bushing, Seal, Vacuum
1066090002150030003Mount, Sensor
1066090013950030011Shaft, Main, Articulated (Upper)
1066090044150030001Screw, Pin, Hinge
1066090045150030002Pin, Hinge, Lower
10660900531050030020125 mm, Arm, Robotic
10660900541050030024Stop, Centering, Secondary, 125 mm
1066150308920030002Tape, Load Tip, Pre-Cut, TFE
10662000351750100012Hood, Chamber, Afterglo
1066200058950010002Seal, Ring, Pressure
1066200105911401001Tube, Quartz, Afterglo
10662001241750100010Feed Thru, Vacuum
10662002081750100014Finger, Lift, 100 mm, Afterglo
1066222201950050018Nozzle, Dispense, 1/8" Tip, TFE
1066280006910020002Screw, Lead, Hot Plate Pin, Lift
1066280618990060005Cover, Plate, Hot
1066280714950070003Pin, Hot Plate Screw, Vented
2116037002110463005Bearing, Linear, 3/8 Bore Precision
2116105025110461007Bearing, Arm, Centering
21181060601104710001Pulley, Motor
2120125001110481001Belt, Timing
2122102500110501001Bushing, TFE, 1/4, 3/8 OD
2122103703110501003Bushing, TFE, 3/8 ID, 9/16 OD, 3/4 LG
2128164006110561006Gear, Spur, 64 Tooth, 64 Pitch, 250 B
2128165001110561004Gear, Arm, Robotic
2128165006110561001Gear, Arm, Robotic
2128165007110561002Gear, Arm, Robotic
2128616101110468001Screw, Elevator, Lead
2130100058910492001Pad, Leveling, Multifab
2130200001910491001Caster, Multifab
2130300070111071001Mount, Shock, Plate, Vibration
2132018763210603008O-Ring, Kalrez
21327727291010601001O-Ring, Arm, Robotic
2132773716110602001O-Ring, Silicone
2138371549110641001Shaft, Arm, Robotic
2150200011110700001Tool, Encoder, Sumtak
2220106001411139001Driver, Motor, Stepper
2221800076510941001Connector, Rotary Slip Ring
2222500001311082001Sensor, Hall Effect
2222600012511121001Encoder, Motor, Chuck
2222800002311081001Sensor, Opto, Temp
2223000201950090001Window, Quartz, Afterglo
2224600041511354001Lamp, Starter, UV, Afterglo
2224602801311352003Lamp, Clear, 28V, .04A
2226300102511000002Fan, 4", 110 SCFM, 115V
2226300103511000001Fan, 4", 55 CFM, 115V
2234200087511191001Magnetron, Afterglo
2237400014311081006Sensor, Opto, Arm, Flexi (& Multi)
2240202401511162005Supply, Power, 24 VDC
2248220601311472001Transistor, Quad
2251100001511101007Switch, Micro, Lever, 10A
2251100002511101001Switch, Pin, AT
2251100005511101006Switch, Micro, Lever, 8A
2251100032511101008Switch, Arm, Roller, 125V, 10A
2251100095511101009Switch, Lever, Roller, 5A
2251200201511102001Switch, Power, Multi
2251200210511102003Switch, Run, Stop, Reset, Multi
22519000011750100005Sensor, Magnet, Multi
22519000021750100008Sensor, Magnet, Multi
2253300006311151003T/C, Type K, Inconel Sheath
2316100354210731003Cyl, SA, SR 1/4B, 3/8S
2316100670210731004Cyl, SR, 9/16 B, 3/4 S-Legs Clevis
2316101065210731005Cyl, SR, 3/8 B, 1" S w/Clevis
2316200405210732001Cyl, DA D.R., 1/8 Bore, 5/8 Stroke
2316201003210731006Cyl, Arm, Centering, Omni
2316201091210731002Cyl, DA, SM, 3.8B, 1"S
2316207091210732014Cyl, Head, Scub, Omni
2316208001210738005Cylinder, Rodless
23162080101610030002Cyl, Load/Fix, Multi
23162150602107320006Cyl, Centering
2318100522110744002Assy, Filter, Inline, .5m HP
2318120009110741001Filter, Air, 20U, 1/8 Fnpt
2318600002110744001Filter, Mini, Inline, .5M, VCR, TFE
2320501025210753003Ftg, Str, Barb, 3/56 x 1/16, Brass
2320821101210757003Ftg, Str, Q/D 1/8 FL x 1/8 MNPT
2334010130210821003Flg, Blkhd, Union, 1/8 T x 1/8 T SS
2344100029210851001Tape, Arm, Load, Omni, 6300
2344100040210851003Tape, Al, Blk, .005T, 16.75 L x 1" W
2344100099210851002Tape, Arm, Load, Omni, 6300/6370
2346000028210862008Nozzle, Gauge, Pressure
2355900077150400806Washer, 5/8 ID, 110D, .136 THK TFE
2358000002210881006Fgltr 15-125 PSI, 1/2 FNPT, PWL MT
2363012572210923000Tubing, Polyflo, 1/8" OD
2370112080210901108Valve, EOF, 24 Vac, 26" Leads
2370113095210901109Valve, EOF, 1/8 F, 24V, 18" Leads
2370124087210901002Valve, Air, Humphrey
2370130003210901001Valve, Vacuum
2370212005210902103Valve, AOF, 2 Way, 3/16 OR, 1/8 FNPT
2370212007210902104Valve, AVO
2370212018210902102Valve, A.O.F., 2 Way NC 1/8 FNPT
2501000021411131007Motor, Stepper, 12V
2501000026411131003Motor, Elevator, 12V, Multi
2501000034411131001Motor, Elevator, 6V, Multi
2501000035411131009Motor, Stepper, Thru Shaft, 12 VDC
2501100001411131002Motor, Stepping, Arm, Robotic
2502900000411419001Kit, Rebuild, SC Hi-Pressure
2503100002410886001Controller, Flow, 1SLMN2
3002001990110537010Screw, Head, Limpy
3530000002110641002Shaft, Arm, Robotic
3530000003110641003Shaft, Arm, Robotic
5014141415991138001Motor, Chuck, Omni
50600102031450040002Chuck, 125 mm
5060030800991138002Motor, Chuck, Encoder, Multi
5060030801991138007Motor, Chuck, w/o Encoder
5060300801511392001Pen, Light, Controller, Multi/Flexi
5060400001990050015Cord, Power, AC, Multi
5060400005990050013Cable, Ribbon, Backbone to Elevator
5060400006990050010Cable, Ribbon, Backbone to Chuck
5060400010990050008Cable, Ribbon, Backbone to Hot Plate
5060400015990050011Cable, Ribbon, A, Load
5060400016990050012Cable, Ribbon, B, Load
5060400017990050006Assy, Ribbon, Cable, Coat
5060400019990050014Cable, Ribbon, Temp
5060400021990050007Assy, Ribbon, Cable, Utility
50660101271450040001Chuck, 100 mm
50660103001591031001Sump, Assembly, Multifab
5066030000990040011Assy, Chuck, MDL, Multi
5066150303950030009Head, Limpy, Tips, Sucker, Multi
5066150503990030003Assy, Roller, Multi
5066180000990020002Assy, Elevator, Module, Multi
5066180211990020003Assy, Stop Pin, Multi
5066200065990100003Arm, Upper, Assembly, Afterglo
5066221000990050016Module, Coat
50662800081190070001Module, Plate, Hot, 275 DGR, Multi
5066400061990050009Cable, Ribbon, Backbone to Dispense
5066400114311081003Sensor, Multi (Assembly)
5066990051990100004Mount, Sensor, Assembly, Afterglo
991138003Motor, Chuck, Cup, Vacuum, MultiView Image
511121004Encoder, Motor, Spin
1050030042Arm, Upper, 5", Flexi
1050030043Device, Centering, Secondary, 5", Flexi
1050030044Arm, Upper, 6", Flexi
1050030045Device, Centering, Secondary, 6" Flexi
1090030003Arm, Lower, Robotic, Assembly
1104610019Bearing (Robotic Arm)
1107470003Filter, HP, .1 Micron, Element
1108530002Tape, TFE Adhesive, 6" x 36 yds.
1150070032Fitting, Vacuuming, (Hot Plate)
1450040003Chuck, 150 MM, Multi
1450040020Nozzle, Rinse, Side, Back
1450040030Stop, Down, Centering
1450040037Arm, Centering, 100 mm, Multi
1450040038Arm, Centering, 150 mm, Multi
1450040043Chuck, 100 mm, w/Skirt, Multi
1590070001Cover, Plate, Hot
1590100001Kit, Conversion 25 mm, Afterglo
1610020002Switch, Cherry, Sensor, Cassette, Omni
1710080001Diode, 12KV, Afterglo
2010097700Brush, PVA, (6300 Omni)